Crypto analysts on Bitcoin record run: „Bulls are still fully on the trigger“

The experts see no real reasons for the market-leading cryptocurrency to decline anytime soon.

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin ( BTC ) has climbed almost to $ 50,000, largely due to the $ 1.5 billion investment by the innovative automaker Tesla this week

Although the market-leading cryptocurrency has now climbed more than 100% above its previous record high of almost 20,000 US dollars from 2017, the crypto trader under the pseudonym „Cheds“ is confident that the current run will lead even further upwards becomes.

„I believe that many people here hope for a ceiling or at least persuade themselves that it has to come because the price has risen so rapidly so quickly,“ as the expert, who focuses on technical analysis, explains to Cointelegraph.

In December 2020, Bitcoin System had jumped $ 19,892 from 2017 , followed by a dramatic increase to $ 41,981 in January 2021 .

After a short turnaround, the crypto market leader was able to increase to a new high of 48,911 US dollars on February 11

“In my opinion, the bulls are still fully on the trigger, with new reports every day of further interest from institutional investors and increasing demand, which will further fuel the current soaring,” said Cheds. In fact, more and more mainstream players are currently getting into Bitcoin. With an investment of 1 billion US dollars , the software manufacturer MicroStrategy was until recently the largest entrepreneurial investor before the car manufacturer Tesla now deserves this honor. However, many other companies have now also invested in the crypto market leader .

„If some people think that Bitcoin will now fall because of the new Canadian Bitcoin ETF or the Chinese New Year, then that’s just an excuse they need because they want to sell anyway,“ as the expert classifies the prophecies of doom of the critics. He is referring to the latest news that Canada approved the first North American Bitcoin index fund yesterday .

„Yesterday we reached a new record high of 49,000 US dollars,“ as trader CryptoWendyO confirms her colleague’s optimism. „However, we are having a hard time breaking the 50,000 US dollar mark,“ the expert continues. However, she then adds:

„The 50,000 are inevitable, but over the weekend we should keep an eye on the $ 44,700 area first unless we get a tweet from Elon Musk that catapults #Bitcoin to $ 54,000.“

The Tesla boss had already “ twittered “ about cryptocurrencies in the past few days , but recently he especially fueled the Dogecoin ( DOGE ).

Pornhub now accepts XRP, NBB, USDC and DOGE

Pornhub users can now pay for the site’s premium services with 4 new cryptomonnages, the XRP, the BNB, the USDC and the DOGE.

Pornhub now accepts XRP, BNB, USDC and DOGE.

Pornhub adds 4 cryptomonnages
Four major crypto-currencies have just found a new use case, and not the least. Binance’s BNB, Ripple’s XRP, USDC stablecoin and Dogecoin (DOGE) are now accepted as payment by the adult entertainment site Pornhub.

These recent additions were discovered by the media outlet The Block, which reports that the Dash and PumaPay crypto-currencies have been withdrawn after they were added in mid-December 2020.

These are now 16 cryptomoney that can be used to pay for Pornhub’s premium services. Here is the complete list:

Pornhub Cryptomoney

List of cryptomonnages accepted by Pornhub

These additions are not insignificant, and follow a fierce controversy against Pornhub, which led to the complete withdrawal of Mastercard and Visa. Since last December, Pornhub users can no longer use their bank cards to access premium services.

For those residing in the United States, the United Kingdom or Singapore, only cryptomoney can currently be used as a means of payment on Pornhub. In other countries, including those in Europe, the use of a bank transfer is still possible.

With more than 130 million visitors per day, Pornhub is the 11th most visited site in the world, ahead of Netflix. There is no doubt that the addition of new encryption systems is contributing to their adoption, in its own way.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO and founder of the Binance exchange, commented on this discovery on Twitter :

„No more use cases [for the NBB]. A friend told me, I am not *too* familiar with this topic. »

Bitcoin overtakes Warren Buffett firm Berkshire Hathaway by market capitalization

Bitcoin is getting closer and closer to the $ 30,000 mark and interest in it is growing.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) has recorded the highest transaction volume since the beginning of 2018. Data suggests that more and more investors are entering the market.

Figures from the on-chain analysis resource Digital Assets Data show that the second largest Bitcoin Code transaction volume was reached in December 2020.

BTC transaction volume hits record

The volume stands at $ 252.37 billion and in the final hours of December that number could rise even further.

Bitcoin transaction volume 1-month chart. Source: Digital Assets Data
Other indicators, such as the number of unprocessed transactions in the Bitcoin mempool and network transaction fees , also point to increased activity overall.

As Cointelegraph reported , there are more and more wallets with large and small stocks.

Meanwhile, Google Trends has recorded the highest number of searches worldwide for the term „Bitcoin“ since February 2018.

According to mainstream sources and seasoned crypto traders, the reason for this is because of the bull market that has continued this week . As of press time, Bitcoin was up to $ 29,300.

At $ 539 billion , the largest cryptocurrency surpassed the market cap of financial giant Berkshire Hathaway yesterday. Its CEO Warren Buffett once described Bitcoin as a „rat poison squared“.

Ether: Still very strong development

Despite its 290 percent growth since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin is dwarfed in comparison to the development of the largest altcoin, Ether ( ETH ). As confirmed by Digital Assets Data, the ETH / USD pair has gained nearly 500 percent since January 1st. Compared to the lows in March, the trend is even stronger.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Bobby Ong, creator of the price data website Coingecko, made his predictions for the crypto market in 2021. Among the large tokens, Ether is expected to record higher transaction fees again, but surpass its existing all-time high from 2018.

„ETH will break the all-time high of $ 1,500, mainly driven by the DeFi space. Gas charges will skyrocket again, showing problems with scalability,“ he wrote .

„We will spend most of the year coordinating a second tier scalability solution. I believe ZK Rollup will gain traction towards the end of the year.“

For Bitcoin, Ong predicts a price trend in the direction of 100,000 US dollars. In addition, there should also be the introduction of an exchange-traded fund and the first central bank should include Bitcoin in its holdings.

Bitcoin al frente y al centro en el informe 2020 Coin Metrics

2020 ha sido un año prolífico para Bitcoin y eso se ha correlacionado con un aumento masivo en la cantidad de direcciones de billetera activas este año.

La información provino del informe State of the Network de Coin Metrics de análisis de criptomonedas , que describió las principales conclusiones del espacio en 2020

Si bien Covid-19 ha paralizado las economías de todo el mundo, el espacio de las criptomonedas ha disfrutado de un período de gran resurgimiento.

Nada más que Bitcoin Profit, que se ha liberado de sus grilletes para establecer nuevos máximos históricos en 2020 .

‚Retorno de Bitcoin‘

La mayor parte del artículo se centra en el año de regreso de Bitcoin y la influencia de la inversión institucional que finalmente ingresa al espacio de las criptomonedas de manera significativa.

El artículo mencionó importantes inversiones de empresas como MicroStrategy, Square, MassMutual y otras instituciones financieras e inversores convencionales que impulsaron el aumento del valor de Bitcoin.

Una métrica clave identificada por el investigador de Coin Metrics, Nate Maddrey, fue el número de direcciones de Bitcoin activas, que ha experimentado un aumento del 100 por ciento de alrededor de 600.000 direcciones activas a 1,2 millones.

Maddrey también tomó nota de que la recompensa minera de Bitcoin se redujo a la mitad en 2020 teniendo un momento fortuito con las medidas de estímulo fiscal en curso empleadas por el gobierno de EE. UU.

Bitcoin’s price breaks R$ 120 thousand and should continue ’strong rise‘, according to Coinext CEO

José Artur bets on the valorization of cryptomoeda and points out that analysts forecasts show that the price of Bitcoin can reach $100 thousand in 2021.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) broke historical record on Thursday (17), when it was quoted for the first time in the market at $ 120 thousand. According to the CEO of Coinext, José Artur Ribeiro, cryptomoeda should continue a ’strong rise‘ until the end of 2020, and may extend this upward trend until 2021.

In a forecast of Bitcoin Millionaire price in the market, Ribeiro bets that by the end of 2020 cryptomoeda will be quoted above US$ 24 thousand, or a little over R$ 121 thousand.

Bitcoin’s volume of options exceeds US$1 billion for the first time

So, with only two weeks to go, Coinext CEO’s guess crosses 2020 and points out that next year Bitcoin price can reach until US$ 100 thousand in the market, according to analysts forecast.

Bitcoin price will rise

The current scenario of the cryptomoedas market reveals a timely moment of appreciation for the price of Bitcoin. In the last few days cryptomoeda has broken records, not only in reais, but also in US dollars.

Therefore, for the first time in history the price of Bitcoin was quoted above this value, with the historical record being broken in about US$ 20 thousand. Meanwhile, in the BRL/BTC pair, cryptomeda reached R$ 120 thousand.

According to José Artur Ribeiro, the breaking of the resistance in US$ 20 thousand can be considered a „historic milestone for Bitcoin“. In addition, by exceeding this value BTC faces „a totally new terrain“.

„We are in a historic milestone for Bitcoin. Exceeding $20,000, which until then represented a significant resistance, is a totally new terrain for cryptomeda, which could open for a climb in 2021. And this is reflected in reais“.

Forecast for 2021

Soon after breaking US$ 20 thousand in the market recently, this Thursday (17) the price of Bitcoin approached US$ 24 thousand for the first time, at the same time that cryptomeda exceeded R$ 120 thousand in Brazil.

I cover 100% of the loss‘: FoxBit’s CEO launches challenge on Bitcoin price at R$ 120 thousand

Thus, by the end of the year the price of Bitcoin should remain close to the historical top recorded today, for the CEO of exchange Coinext. In other words, the quotation of cryptomeda can remain around US$ 24 thousand in the market.

„My guess is that it reaches the US$ 24 thousand which was almost reached this Thursday (17), or more. I believe that we are at the beginning of a strong rise“.

On the other hand, when talking about how the price of Bitcoin will perform in 2021, Ribeiro points out that there are some forecasts that expect a price of up to US$ 100 thousand.

Bitcoin enters the price predicted by the S2F model and puts BTC target at US$100 thousand in sight

In addition, the CEO of Coinext recalls that currently the price of Bitcoin is experiencing a different moment from that of 2017, when cryptomoeda approached US$ 20 thousand for the first time in the market.

„Some analysts predict that Bitcoin will reach US$ 100 thousand in 2021. Unlike December 2017, in the last Bitcoin ATH, we realized that today the exchanges market has become more professional and clients have much more knowledge about investments in cryptoactives“.

Cryptomoedas in Brazil

The adoption of cryptomorphs in Brazil tends to grow in 2021, according to José Artur Ribeiro’s forecast. Coinext’s CEO is betting on market growth in the country, driven by investments in cryptomaps.

On the day Bitcoin’s price broke the record of US$ 20,000, Coinext traded about 100 BTC units on the exchange. Meanwhile, at the OTC counter, in the last 24 hours the platform traded 120 Bitcoins.

„I believe that the Brazilian market will grow considerably in 2021. Brazilians have started to look more at investments, and cryptomoedas have become more and more part of the portfolio“.

Decentralized Horror: Roundup of DeFi’s Nightmares of the Year

Decentralized Horror: Roundup of DeFi’s Nightmares of the Year
DeFi has been the driving force behind all things crypto in 2020.

BeInCrypto dug into DeFi nightmares, flash loan scares, smart contract code chills happened this year.

Some have made some sort of profit, but a few have been completely „destroyed“, and that’s where the bad things come in.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has undoubtedly been the driving force behind all things crypto this year, but it hasn’t been without its share of horror stories.

Since the season lends itself to it, we’ll dig into DeFi nightmares, flash loan scares, smart contract code thrills, hideous hacks, spooky scams, and terrifying “rugpulls” this year.

Let’s start with the DeFi voucher …

Before we dive into the dark depths of DeFi depravity, let’s start on a positive note. If 2017 and 2018 were the year of ICOs, 2019 was the year of stablecoins, 2020 was definitely the year of decentralized finance.

Billions of dollars in crypto collateral have poured into a rapidly expanding array of decentralized exchanges, automated market makers and liquidity pools, as traders and investors seek better returns on their digital assets.

Since the start of 2020, that figure, known as the Locked-In Total Value (TVL), has jumped nearly 2,000% to $ 12 billion in October . This surge in crypto collateral has made other milestones possible, such as the highest amount of Wrapped Wrapped (or Tokenized) Bitcoin (BTC) at over 147,000 BTC, and nearly 8% of the entire offer of Ether (ETH), or 9 million ETH, locked in DeFi protocols.

DeFi tokens were the best performers of the year, although many corrected heavily over the past month. A few people with big bags already made bigger fortunes, a lot of people made some sort of profit, but a few were completely „destroyed“, and that’s where the bad things come in.

And the bad starts with bZx

The first quarter of 2020 has been a bit quiet for DeFi, but TVL crossed the billion dollar mark for the first time in early February, which was also the same month as the industry’s first high-profile exploits.

The bZx margin lending and trading protocol was the first serious casualty of 2020 with two flash lending exploits that resulted in the loss of nearly $ 1 million in user funds. The malicious actor successfully exploited a low-liquidity Uniswap marketplace to complete a single trade, known as a flash loan, to make a profit of around $ 350,000. A second attack in the week resulted in the loss of an additional $ 600,000 in ETH from bZx, which suspended operations following the exploit.

The exploits created a wave of criticism from DeFi detractors and Bitcoin maximalists at the time, who said that the fact that bZx was able to freeze the platform in both attacks showed that it was ultimately acted as a centralized platform.

Creator of “Black Thursday”

DeFi markets were bubbling well until mid-March, when the global financial and crypto markets collapsed in the wake of the escalating Covid-19 pandemic. Ethereum, which serves as the backbone of the DeFi industry, fell 55% in less than a week, leading to a day dubbed „Black Thursday“ for MakerDAO, the world’s leading DeFi protocol, at the time. .

The Black Swan event resulted in the massive liquidation of the vast majority of Maker Chests, resulting in an under-guarantee of around $ 4 million in Dai. No code was exploited, but many safe deposit box owners lost all warranties, leading to both a class action lawsuit against the Maker Foundation and a management poll to compensate victims. The stability fee has been adjusted and the Dai savings rate has been set at zero, it still has not moved from that level.

Bitcoin er verdt $ 350 millioner forlater Huobi etter COO arrestert

Huobi-ledergruppen har også avklart at børsen vil fortsette å operere til tross for politiets etterforskning.

Viktige takeaways

Kinesiske medier rapporterte om arrestasjonene av Huobis Chief Operating Officer (COO) Robin Zhu Jiawei.
Huobi-tjenestemenn fortsetter imidlertid å nekte disse påstandene ettersom Huobi fortsetter normal drift.
Uttak økte drastisk etter nyhetene, ettersom kundene trakk mer enn $ 350 millioner i Bitcoin 2. november.

Nyheter fra Kina om arrestasjonene av en høytstående Huobi-tjenestemann har slått frykt blant kryptobrukere som fremdeles hevder seg fra tilbaketrekkssuspensjonene hos OKEx.

Regulatory Crackdown eller Chinese FUD?

Selv om Huobi ble grunnlagt i Kina, flyttet han til Singapore etter forbudet mot kryptovalutautveksling i Kina. Til tross for flyttingen forbød regjeringen høytstående tjenestemenn i OKEx og Huobi å forlate landet tilbake i 2017 for å undersøke begge utvekslingene.

Lokale rapporter avslører nå at Huobi er tilbake i det regulatoriske setet.

I følge to uavhengige rapporter fra kinesiske mediekilder Colin Wu og Deep Chain Financial, har det kinesiske politiet tatt COO for Huobi, Robin Zhu Jiawei, under varetekt.

Nyheten om pågripelsen kommer bare en måned etter pågripelsen av OKEx-eier, XuMingXing. Mens OKEx har nektet alle påstander knyttet til politiets etterforskning, har uttak på sentralen blitt suspendert i 20 dager.

Den samlede Bitcoin-saldoen på Huobi og OKEx er over 460 000 BTC, verdt 3,5 milliarder dollar. En regulatorisk nedbryting av de to øverste kinesiske børsene vil sikkert skape frykt, og i dag opplevde markedet et lite glimt av det.

Så snart rapporten om arrestasjoner i Huobi lekket, begynte kundene å flykte fra børsen.

Analytics-nettstedet Whale Alert rapporterte 110 millioner dollar utstrømninger fra Huobi til Bitfinex. Videre rapporterte Crypto Quant netto Bitcoin-utstrømning på over $ 55 millioner i Telegram-gruppen.

Huobi sa senere at „ryktene er falske“, og alle ledelsens tjenestemenn er blitt redegjort for.

Nye rapporter bekrefter arrestasjonen av Huobi

En ny rapport fra Colin Wu ser imidlertid ut til å bekrefte arrestasjonsnyhetene. Videre antyder kontoen også at Zhu-saken ligner OKEx-konsernsjefen.

Etter arrestasjonen av Xu i midten av oktober hadde Huobi tatt raske skritt for å sikre børsens midler. Et slikt trinn hadde vært å stoppe uttak midlertidig.

Nettoutstrømningen av Bitcoin fra børsen 2. november var over 26.000 BTC verdt mer enn $ 350 millioner.

Kryptomarkeder har lenge vært offer for kontrovers i Kina, ettersom landet er vert for et blomstrende kryptosamfunn og mangel på klare regler.

Mens utvekslingen fortsetter å nekte rapportene, er det vanskelig å ignorere gjentatte tilfeldigheter i disse rapportene.

Na $ 425 miljoen in Bitcoin te hebben geïnvesteerd, zegt Michael Saylor dat Ethereum, Ripple, Chainlink, EOS en Tron Advocates een nieuwe strategie nodig hebben

De CEO van business intelligence-bedrijf MicroStrategy, dat onlangs $ 425 miljoen in Bitcoin (BTC) heeft geïnvesteerd, zegt dat investeerders in altcoin hun strategie moeten heroverwegen als ze willen dat de cryptomarkt zijn volledige potentieel bereikt.

In een nieuw interview op de What Bitcoin Did-podcast zegt Michael Saylor dat investeerders in crypto-activa zoals Ethereum en XRP Bitcoin moeten ondersteunen in plaats van de cryptomarkt als een slagveld te zien

“De hele cryptogemeenschap besteedt veel tijd aan praten over altcoins versus Bitcoin en kibbelen tussen die twee. Maar wat ze zouden moeten doen, is praten over alternatieve activa versus Bitcoin en ze zouden moeten zeggen dat de volatiliteit van Bitcoin in vergelijking met zilver of goud naar beneden gaat. Of de volatiliteit van The News Spy in vergelijking met Apple-aandelen is aan het dalen. Ik kan statistieken vinden van de vluchtigheid van Bitcoin versus Tron. Maar het is een grapje.

Omdat de $ 300 biljoen niet kiest tussen Tron en Bitcoin. De $ 300 biljoen dollar, wat overigens 99,9% is van alle rijkdom en macht in de wereld, dus al het geld, alle macht, zit niet in de vijver. Als je deze hele industrie succesvol wilt maken, zelfs als je een Ethereum-persoon bent – als je Tron, Ethereum, EOS, Chainlink, Tether, Ripple bent, wat je ook bent – hebben ze allemaal een gevestigd belang bij het maken van een kanaal tussen de cryptovijver en de asset-oceaan en om vervolgens $ 10 biljoen te krijgen om in die vijver te stromen, de toegangspoort tot dat zal Bitcoin zijn. De enige manier waarop iemand geld van goud, zilver, aandelen, indexen, obligaties, onroerend goed naar cryptovaluta kan verplaatsen, is eerst via Bitcoin. “

Saylor gelooft dat een van de belangrijkste gebruiksscenario’s van Bitcoin is om mensen te beschermen wanneer hun valuta instort. Grote aandelen zoals Amazon, zegt hij, verbleken in vergelijking

“Mensen in Sub-Sahara Afrika kunnen geen Apple-aandelen kopen en deze overmaken naar hun dierbaren om te voorkomen dat ze doodgeslagen worden door een instortende munteenheid, toch. En dat is het verschil. Niemand gaat een T-rekening kopen. Ze gaan geen goudstaven kopen. Ze gaan geen onroerend goed kopen om te voorkomen dat de valuta instort en verarmd raakt of verhongert. Maar in feite was het echte nieuws van gisteren, waarover ik tweette, dat Bitcoin een recordhoogte bereikte in Turkije, wat betekenisvol is voor 90 miljoen mensen.

FileCoin est mis en service sur Mainnet dépassant la capitalisation boursière de BTC

Le très attendu réseau de stockage décentralisé et géré par la communauté , FileCoin (FIL), a été mis en ligne sur le réseau principal le 15 octobre à 14 h 45 UTC. Le projet est en développement depuis 2017 et pourrait révolutionner la façon dont les utilisateurs achètent et vendent du stockage inutilisé.

Essentiellement, Filecoin cherche à rapprocher les données de l’utilisateur final, contrairement aux réseaux cloud traditionnels . Le modèle décentralisé du projet est considéré par beaucoup comme une percée dans l’évolution d’Internet et l’avenir du stockage de données.

Peu de temps après le lancement du réseau principal, un utilisateur de Twitter et Crypto Youtuber ont souligné que FIL, le jeton natif du projet, avait atteint une capitalisation boursière entièrement diluée de 400 milliards de dollars. Étonnamment, c’est le double de la capitalisation boursière de BTC ou plus que l’ensemble du marché de la cryptographie combiné.

Quelques heures à peine avant le lancement du réseau principal, Binance a révélé qu’il listerait la pièce au bloc 148888. Il a également offert aux investisseurs qui ont déposé FIL dans l’échange 100 000 $ en prix BNB à distribuer aux utilisateurs éligibles.

FileCoin voit un support sans précédent par les échanges

Le projet Filecoin a déjà reçu un soutien massif de la communauté crypto. Même avant son lancement sur le réseau principal, FIL était déjà coté sur deux bourses majeures – Kraken et Gemini. D’autres échanges de premier plan tels que KuCoin et Huobi avaient également dévoilé des plans pour répertorier le jeton lors du lancement du réseau principal du projet.

Ces premières listes sont assez remarquables, étant donné que les bourses annoncent généralement des listes après la mise en ligne de projets de cryptographie sur leurs réseaux principaux. De nombreux passionnés de cryptographie pensent que les échanges qui ont répertorié la pièce ont une compréhension plus approfondie du projet et sont donc prêts à faire une exception.

En effet, FileCoin fera probablement des vagues dans le secteur de la crypto. Selon le co-fondateur et PDG de Gemini, Tyler Winklevoss, le projet décentralisé est l‘ événement cryptographique le plus attendu depuis le lancement d’Ethereum et de Bitcoin.

Le réseau de stockage décentralisé a connu des retards depuis sa date de lancement initiale à la mi-2019. Cependant, il a maintenu l’intérêt de l’industrie avec 230 projets et 1000 développeurs prêts à commencer à travailler sur Filecoin après le lancement du réseau principal.

En outre, environ 400 mineurs du monde entier ont participé à la phase de testnet de la «Space Race» du mois dernier, où la capacité de données du réseau Filecoin a considérablement augmenté.

En savoir plus sur le projet Filecoin

Un projet de Protocol Labs, Filecoin a levé 205 millions de dollars lors d’une vente de jetons en 2017 sur CoinList, établissant un record pour le plus élevé dans un ICO à l’époque.

«Dans le modèle Filecoin, le stockage de données devient un marché, où n’importe qui peut payer pour accéder au stockage ou gagner des revenus en donnant accès au stockage de données. Au lieu de 5 fournisseurs possédant l’ensemble du marché du stockage de données, les avantages économiques du stockage de données sont dispersés dans le monde entier », a expliqué un article de CoinList.

Le projet décentralisé introduit désormais une alternative intéressante aux offres de stockage cloud centralisé existantes telles qu’Amazon Web Services (AWS) ou Azure.

Monero (XMR) solidifica tendência de alta com alta contínua

O XMR está sendo negociado entre níveis de resistência de longo prazo e suporte de $ 135 e $ 90, respectivamente.

Os indicadores técnicos são otimistas em todos os prazos.

XMR / BTC está enfrentando resistência em ₿0,0122 e ₿0,0139

Quer saber mais? Junte-se ao nosso Grupo Telegram e obtenha sinais de negociação, um curso de negociação gratuito e comunicação diária com fãs de criptografia!

The Trust Project é um consórcio internacional de organizações de notícias que criam padrões de transparência.

O preço do Monero (XMR) recuperou todas as suas perdas resultantes da queda de 2 a 4 de setembro e está atualmente tentando escapar de um nível de resistência principal.

O preço XMR está sendo negociado atualmente perto de uma importante área de resistência encontrada em $ 132. A área está no nível de retração do Fib de 0,382 e uma área de resistência anterior, acima da qual o preço não é negociado desde agosto de 2018.

Um rompimento bem-sucedido provavelmente levaria o preço para $ 166, que é o nível de 0,5 Fib de toda a queda e uma área de suporte anterior.

Sinais Técnicos XMR

Os indicadores técnicos são de alta com o MACD, RSI e o oscilador estocástico, todos aumentando. Embora o RSI esteja em território de sobrecompra, ele ainda não gerou nenhum tipo de divergência de baixa.

Por outro lado, uma diminuição provavelmente levaria o preço para a área de suporte de longo prazo mais próxima em $ 90. No momento, esse cenário parece improvável.

O trader de criptomoeda @Altcoinsherpa esboçou um gráfico XMR, afirmando que o preço poderia aumentar para $ 175. Embora o nível esteja ligeiramente acima da área de resistência que delineamos, ele está próximo o suficiente para criar alguma confluência.

O gráfico de seis horas mostra que o preço possivelmente tem seguido uma linha de suporte ascendente desde que atingiu uma baixa em 4 de setembro.

Semelhante ao gráfico semanal, não há fraqueza nos indicadores técnicos, embora o RSI esteja sobrecomprado.